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"The ways of the Lord are right; the righteous walk in them, but the rebellious stumble in them." Hosea 14:9b

Monday, October 06, 2008

Election Woes

There I times I want to get dismayed about the coming election, fearing the inevitable crash of our private health care with the onset of a Obama presidency, among other evils. Yet, I have to remember the temporal nature of our earthly kingdom and also that magistrates are instituted by God (Romans 13). Worry, Jesus tells us, will not add one second to our lives. Yet, I know the evil within mankind's hearts needs only materialism, selfishness and pride to ignite a Nero or Hitler wildfire. Nero burned whole Christian families to light the streets of Rome. Hitler, we know, murdered at least 6 million people (Jews, Christians, handicapped, elderly, etc.) Kim Jong Il is torturing and starving his own countrymen now, while he demands they worship him. Then there's the Mayan/Aztec cultures, the murder of Armenian Christians, the slaughter of the Congolese, Pol Pot's regime, Sudan, etc. Evil is alive and well and when a public ushers in a new leader under the wrong reasons, bad times will quickly come upon us. The fervor with which people worship Obama willingly frightens me. People are choosing to support a man who wants to take away rights from people. He defends murdering unborn babies in the name of "women's health". This is an evil man with evil intentions.

McCain is not much better and I will admit I am disappointed in his V.P. pick. Where do you find family values in a woman leaving her duty as the family caretaker for a career (Titus 2:5)? He disappoints me on other points as well. There is no perfect candidate, but conservatives could have picked someone more qualified. Is it wrong for me to say, "At least he's pro-life"?

So while it's not time to weep, wail and mourn, it is time to pray. Pray that God would prevent our nation from crumbling into an evil empire. Thank him for the blessings and vision our founding fathers bestowed on us generations ago when they fought to create this unique nation. I don't want to see my children lighting the streets of Ellettsville. It might not happen overnight, but never underestimate evil. When we stop thinking about evil, we become complacent; blind, even, and that's the perfect recipe for a coming Holocaust.