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"The ways of the Lord are right; the righteous walk in them, but the rebellious stumble in them." Hosea 14:9b

Thursday, December 30, 2004

Why We Needed the War in Iraq

The War in Iraq accomplished many known purposes--ridding the world of an egregious dictator, stabilizing an unstable country, liberating millions of people, providing justice to the Kurds.

But for those who still refer to Iraq as a 'quagmire', seeing our troops surrounded by incoming terrorists from around the world is Bush's primary shortcoming. And these folks are right about one thing at least: stationing U.S. troops in Iraq did draw out international terrorists as medicine draws poision from a wound. Instead of these terrorists using their resources to target metropolitan civilian hotspots in the U.S. like Chicago and Seattle, we were able to temporarily divert these terrorists away from our continent and draw them into battle with the best of our military. Pretty ingenious, I think. And so agrees Ben Shapiro, with his latest article. Shapiro argues that Iraq wasn't a diversion for Bush; it was a diversion for Osama bin Laden.

Rather than rebuking the U.S. for initiating combat with terrorists, we would do well to admire the genius behind offensive diversion. Shapiro writes:

"Diversion through offensive action has long been a part of military strategy. During the Civil War, Robert E. Lee used such strategy, invading Maryland in 1862 and Pennsylvania in 1863 in order to divert Union troops from marching on Richmond, Va. As Lee himself wrote to Jefferson Davis, president of the Confederacy, "As long as the army of the enemy are employed on this frontier I have no fears for the safety of Richmond, yet I earnestly recommend that advantage be taken of this period of comparative safety to place its defence, both by land and water, in the most perfect condition." President Bush makes exactly the same point when he says that America must fight terrorists where they live, instead of fighting them on our own soil."

I'm ignorant as to how many terrorist leaders we've exterminated already. It is a large number though. These dead bad guys would still be alive today and would most assuredly be plotting their next attack on the U.S. They were dumb enough to come to Iraq to fight our well-trained soldiers (granted, they don't "fight" like men, but instead "fight" like sissies, deploying bombs at check-points and enlisting the aid of suicide bombers). I'd say the U.S. needed the war in Iraq, wouldn't you?

Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Southern Asia will be Showered with U.S. Aid

I agree with Tim over at Broken Masterpieces--that those regions devastated by the recent tsunamis and earthquakes will receive adequate aid from the U.S.--but not from the government. Americans, particularily Christian ones, are quite benevolent and I hope that we do not disappoint those in need now. I suspect that the Southern Asia will get the money that it needs to recover from this tragedy.

If you would like to be one of such generous Americans, three reliable charities to donate money to are: World Vision International, Samaritan's Purse, and Feed the Children. To give "medicines, doctors and medical teams, drinking water, food, clothing, and shelter" to those hurting in Sri Lanka, click here. To help those in India, write to: "Kids for the Kingdom, PO Box 85, Graton, California 95444, and earmark them for the work of Sam and Prema Sundar Raj in Chennai, India. "

Update: The U.S. is a benevolent nation, according to an AP article that states: "The United States spent almost $15.8 billion for "official development assistance" to developing countries in 2003. Next closest was Japan, at $8.9 billion. That doesn't include billions more the United States spends in other areas, such as AIDS and HIV programs and other U.N. assistance."

That figure also doesn't account for the large number of donations that stay in our country, going to churches, the poor, crisis pregnancy centers, cancer research centers, etc.

We are not stingy.

Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Dec. 25 Could Be Christ's Real Birthday

I know that affixing an actual numerical date to Christ's birth upon this Earth is of little significance. But in certain circles of Christians, celebrating 'Christmas' as a celebration of Christ's birth is anathema. Why? Because these folk say that Christ was not born on Dec. 25 and that the only reason Christmas is celebrated on December 25th is because the Church was mimicking a Roman pagan holiday that was celebrated at that time.

Thus, those of the Church who have shunned any celebration of Christ's birth around the "holiday" might have something to consider. According to this article, December 25th might indeed be Christ's actual birthdate, or at least close to it.

All of this contemplation is beside the point, though. To me, it doesn't matter when Christ was really born. The point is that he came, he lived, he died for us and was raised again. He is coming soon. December 25 is a day that many think about Christ who would otherwise not and I find nothing wrong with thinking a little more about him at that time as well. The story in Luke concerning Christ's birth is nothing short of miraculous and is quite touching.

I guess one could say that is why I am still, on December 28th, still fascinated with the birth (and life) of our Saviour.

Monday, December 27, 2004

Christmas Tragedy

I am deeply saddened for the people in Southern Asia who are left with horrible earthquake damage and the lost of many, many lives. What a horrible Christmas event.

It makes us remember that Earth is not the promised land; heaven is. Jesus came to Earth to give us entrance into heaven and may we anxiously look forward to His coming.

Monday, December 20, 2004

Pick Bayh?

So says Hoosier Parliament, and with some good reasons. Bayh is quite popular around Indiana and around the country as well. Much more so than Lieberman. I don't much care for anyone who labels himself as a Democrat, but if Bush truly wants to act in a bipartisan manner, he would be well-served to pick Bayh instead of Lieberman.

I do share the fears, however, with the anonymous commenter that Bayh would have a good chance in 2008 if he runs for President. This would be true regardless of whether he serves in Bush's cabinet or not. However, I have a premonition that Hillary will be the Democrats' choice for President in 2008. They're just sinister enough to do it. Hillary doesn't much stand a chance with her record, unless she changes it. And she's trying. This dyed-blond snake says she is, and always has been, a conservative evangelical Christian. And people are dumb enough to believe her.

Killing a Pregnant Woman to get a baby is NOT okay

This is sick and further evidence that much of humanity does not value human life. To many, babies are just pets (see accompanying photo in the article); they are just more property to brag about and show off, if the time is convenient. If one gets pregnant and the time is not convenient, however, well, just abort the baby.

Our world needs Jesus Christ.

Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Gays More Concerned for War on Terror than Gay Agenda?

So concludes Rich Tafel, a gay writer for NRO. I'm not so sure. For one, how can anyone know how many gays voted for Bush? We don't even know how many gays there are in this country and voting in this country is private. If a considerable amount of gays did vote for Dubya, I guess Tafel's explanation is legit. It's just hard from me to picture the flamboyant homosexual community siding with Bush for any reason. Based on their rhetoric, it seems they hate the man. Even if they weren't convinced that Kerry had their interests at heart, Kerry was a much better bet for advancing gay goals than Bush.

Tafel says that gays "believed that we needed a leader who understood the world in terms of moral values, and they didn't scoff when the president used the words "good" and "evil" to describe the battle against terror."

I just don't buy it. In my experience, gays are not pro-values. Their goal is to eliminate traditional notions of values and families. That is their main goal and I find it hard to believe that the controversial war on terror was enough to wrench even a small number of gays from their Democratic platform.

Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Colleges Push Gay Agenda

Common-folk don't like being barraged with the gay agenda. Mike Adams explains why in a humorous way.

States or the Feds?

I'm a states' rights gal; I'll be frank. I don't care much for the gargantuan behemoth we call the federal goverment. In my reading of the Constitution, (unfortunately, I'm one of those stubborn people who insist that the Constitution must be read literally and that our nation should only operate within the Constitution's limits, unless changed through legislative means as, you guessed it, described in the Constitution) the federal government was given only a few express powers. What powers the government has usurped today (using unfairly collected, highway-robbery tax money to sponsor homosexual indoctrination in elementary schools, for example) are unconstitutional.

Thus, when I learned of a 1942 case in which the Supreme Court ruled unanimously that a man could not grow more wheat than was federally "allowed," regardless of whether the wheat was used personally or sold, I was shocked. Do you mean to tell me that our high judges of the land decided that Communism was Constitutional back in '42? Before, I had merely surmised that our nations' illustrious founders were rolling in their graves. Now I know they are.

Jeff Jacoby links the 1942 case to an on-going medical marijuana case, which Jacoby tells us is essentially a states vs. the feds case. While I'm not a pot-smoker, I am inclined to side with libertarians on the medical marijuana issue.

Thanks to Scott Tibbs for reference to this article.

Monday, December 13, 2004

"Christmas" Card Humbugs

I know that several retail giants have gone soft in recent years by not allowing employees to use the word 'Christmas' and instead using the impersonal "Happy Holidays" phrase instead. That's to their shame.

However, I would just like to express my disgust that it is so hard nowadays to find a package of boxed "Christmas" cards that contains the greeting "Merry Christmas" inside. These are Christmas cards, not Hannukah or Kwanza cards, for Pete's sake. I don't want to wish my friends and family a "Happy Holidays". I want to wish them a jolly, merry Christmas.

There are a few cards that still contain the classic message, "Merry Christmas," but good luck finding them in a sea of "Happy Holidays" cards.

Nevertheless, as Americans we have so much to be thankful for. And to that, I say: Merry Christmas everyone! (so there, Walmart and Hallmark)

Thursday, December 09, 2004

Homeless Iraq War Veterans a Large Number

It's sad that while many were willing to donate to the September 11th Fund after 9/11, there is no known fund for these homeless Iraq War veterans. I'm also surprised that our government is just turning veterans out without giving them further assistance for their troubles, given that, according to the article:

"mental problems are emerging as a major casualty cluster, particularly from the war in Iraq where the enemy is basically everywhere and blends in with the civilian population, and death can come from any direction at any time."

So many people give to organizations like the Sierra Club, PETA, even to election races, but yet when it comes to helping out those who bravely defended our country, everyone's pocketbook snaps shut.

What matters more? Trees, turkeys, John Kerry's unsuccessful run for presidency.....or people?

Here are some ideas for helping the troops still serving in Iraq. Be sure to take advantage of other Ah-ha moments as well.

Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Computers make Kids Dumb

Maybe this explains my low IQ.

But which came first--the chicken or the egg?

"Children learn in school what they need to know to 'function' in a socialist society, but are not literate enough to gain the knowledge they would need to escape it. Socialism must be really great if they need to dumb us down in order to get us to quietly accept it. The socialist elites need us stupid so that we have no alternative to their socialist propaganda. Socialism has to be sold to us through emotion. It cannot withstand intellectual scrutiny." --Debbie O'Hara

Computers might impede kids' educational progress, but so does the NEA and all its socialist pedagogue members. Perhaps Al Gore really did invent the internet (as a dastardly ploy to convert our nation's youth to Socialist Democrats!!! ahh ha ha)

It seems that computers are also damaging teen boys' fertility. The article states that, "The latest findings, published in the journal Human Reproduction, give warning that teenagers and young men should consider cutting the time spent with a computer positioned on their lap because of the possible long-term damage to their fertility".

Sheesh...tell me, why do we like computers again? Time to log off....

Monday, December 06, 2004

The Lame Walk Again

Here's yet another reason why we should abandon research of embryonic stem cells.

Thanks again to ConservaTibbs for the link.

Friday, December 03, 2004

Homosexuality is Depravity

The Methodist church has 'convicted' a woman minister for being an active homosexual. Several points come to mind.

First, as I've said before, if the Methodist church followed the Bible, they would not even have women ministers in the first place.

Second, the Methodist church must face its hypocrisy if it defrocks this lesbian minister after previously acquitting Karen Dammann in March. If the Methodists followed the Bible, they would not have acquitted Dammann as it is clear how God views homosexuality.

Third, while the leftists embedded in churches throughout the nation continue to lament the church's "persecution of homosexuals" and seek their acceptance and inclusion within the church, it is helpful to keep in mind the conclusion that many have already reached: homosexuality, like many other sins, is a depravity of the mind. It is evidence of a deeper psychological disturbance. For example, while watching what I eat and taking care that I avoid fatty foods might be a healthful thing for me to do, starving myself, or anorexia, is a depravity of the good act that I began of watching what I ate. All board-certified psychologists are trained to treat anorexia as a disorder. Homosexuality, as studies continue to suggest, is a perversion of the normal familial and sexual relations that God designed for us. Men who do not bond appropriately with male figures during childhood are set up to pursue homosexuality in the future (and likewise for women). While not an excuse for lasciviousness, homosexuality should be addressed and treated as the disorder it is. Homosexuality should not be celebrated. I am saddened by the growing number of children who are being raised in such unhealthy situations, whose only parental figures are homosexuals who refuse to seek treatment and reform their behavior. Why not confront the demons that provoked these deviants to pursue homosexuality in the first place? The theory that homosexuality is genetic has been debunked years ago, so that argument is not valid.

Child molestation is not okay. Child neglect or abuse is not okay. Divorce and the break-up of the home is not okay. So why do we continue to tell children who are victims of these situations that they don't need treatment and that being a homosexual is natural? It's not. Homosexuality appears to be a coping mechanism people use when they have emerged from these childhood evils, an unhealthy one that should be eradicated.

I do not hate homosexuals. Rather, I want desparately to help them come out of the sinful lifestyle that I know is anything but fulfilling and run to the arms of the Savior who wants nothing more than to love them and heal their hurts.

Thursday, December 02, 2004

Pro-Life more important than Being Republican

It seems that many Republicans who just got re-elected into top positions are abandoning their conservative base by voting with a pro-abortion bias. Let's stop them.

Killing the Born

It appears the Netherlands are practicing infantcide.

Thanks to Scott Tibbs for the link.