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"The ways of the Lord are right; the righteous walk in them, but the rebellious stumble in them." Hosea 14:9b

Saturday, November 20, 2004

Happy Thanksgiving!

My family and I are traveling to the eastern side of Ohio for a celebration of all that God has given us. I truly am thankful this year for the myriad of blessings God has provided for me, of which I do not deserve. I also thank Him wholeheartedly for the beautiful, precious, healthy baby girl that is now in our lives. She is 6 months old today. What a great God we serve!

Posting will be suspended until my return--about a week from now. God bless!

Historical buffs might enjoy reading The First Thanksgiving Proclamation, given June 20, 1676, or the one given by George Washington on October 3, 1789.

Friday, November 19, 2004

Where is the Media on this One?

If what happened in the following news clip was reversed, meaning that police arrested gays for expressing their views after Christians started screaming them down, we would hear nothing but from the talking heads for weeks to come.

Philadelphia police on Oct. 10 arrested 11 Christians, charging them with felonies, including criminal conspiracy, rioting, and "ethnic intimidation," a "hate crime" under city law. Michael Marcavage and his group were preaching the gospel during "Outfest," a homosexual event, when a gay group confronted them, blocking their path. Police arrived and ordered the Christians to leave, but Mr. Marcavage refused, saying his group had a right to remain on public property. American Family Association attorney Brian Fahling said a videotape of the incident shows that "Michael and his group are clearly the ones being interfered with." A hearing in the case is set for mid-December.

I'm glad that World Magazine wrote about it, but I'd wish they'd give a little more press to this news story. I think it's big. I don't see how such persecution, such absolute disregard for the First Amendment, could hold up in any court, even a liberal one. One would have to simply chuck the Constitution out the window in order to allow such tyranny of the minority.

Wednesday, November 17, 2004

A Reminder that Idiots Abound

In case you think that those around you have common sense, here's a reminder that's not always the case. Some guy named Charles recently sent this sentence to Edward Fudge, who sends out GracEmails, a Christian newsletter.

"I too am incensed by the Democratic stand on abortion but I am also against the Republican position which protects children while they are in the womb or birth canal but refuses to provide funding to care for them after they are born. I would prefer abortion to starvation. At least they will be with the Lord Jesus."

Do Republicans refuse to provide funding to care for children after they are born? No! But even if they did, who is to say that money equals care? I believe that mommies give the best care and many mommies who now work could stay at home if they gave up luxuries. Republicans are against creating a welfare state in which citizens become dependent upon the government for daily bread. We want people to be able to break out of poverty and earn their own living. It is not Republicans who starve children, it is people who have made poor life choices and instead spend their food stamps on Colt 45, Marlboro and Mountain Dew.

This person actually thinks that most, if not all, of the babies lost to abortion would have died of starvation if they had been born. What a ridiculous notion! Again, babies would not die of starvation (almost unheard of in our country anyway) if it were not for their parents' poor life choices. And many of the women who have abortions do so for selfish reasons, not financial ones.

Killing children in utero is not the way we send children to Jesus, Charles. Shame on you and for all of those who hold such an outrageous position.

The "Video"

Interesting comments about the Marine shooting the Muslim terrorist. I haven't seen the video, but I'm not one to sympathize with terrorists or those who harbor them.

Let's Give a Warm Welcome to Senator Coburn

Thanks to Hoosier Review for this link. I found NARAL's overuse of the word 'choice' telling. They mean abortion, but the public is so offended by the word NARAl dares not use it. Too bad people weren't smart enough to always equate feminazi groups' use of the word choice with abortion.

Anyway, I'm glad we gained such a strong voice for the unborn in the Senate.

They Want your Blood Now

The people of California voted for Prop 69 on November 2, a measure that would allow the criminal system to take DNA samples of anyone who is arrested. Proponents of such action argue that it could catch rapists and that taking someone's genetic code is no different than obtaining one's mug shot or a thumb print. I disagree. One does not give up rights merely because he is arrested. The fourth amendment was intended to protect such people. If it were not so, police could just start arresting people off the street for no other reason than to gain their personal identification.

Have we no privacy left in this country? Blood samples reveal so much more than a person's thumbprint does.

There's a little principle we go by in this country that makes us a true democracy. It's called "innocent until proven guilty". Without that mantra, we would be little different than communist countries. Hopefully this is just typical leftwing California legislation that stays in California.

Wednesday, November 10, 2004

The Forgotten Tragedy of Armenian Christians

I was shocked to read about the attempted genocide of Armenian Christians that I had never read about in school. So much time has been spent about the Holocaust, but for some reason, that is the only genocide we ever learn about. What about the larger killing of those in the Congo during the Imperialist Reign of Africa? What is ever said about these Armenians and Pol Pot's brutal murder of Cambodians?

I'm not sure why the Holocaust is the only genocide that's widely known. It is sad that so many other lives are forgotten and thus their deaths have been in vain. Jews were not the only hunted prey of bloodthirsty dictators.

At least the graves of thousands of Kurds have been uncovered and made public. Hussein is one dictator that can never attempt genocide again. Thank God America was able to oust him from his terrible throne.

Understanding Yasser Arafat

As death seems to knock yet louder at Arafat's door, it is interesting to review his life in retrospect. Worldmagblog offers an interactive timeline of Yasser Arafat.

Perhaps one should save such comments until his official passing, but I will put forth just one note: I do not mourn the passing of terrorists. I sincerely hope that his death will prove to be a blessing for Israel's security, the Middle East peace process, and the peace and security of the entire world.

Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Strong Women

I was thinking about Bob Schiffer's comment last question of the third presidential debate, when he told the candidates that he and them were surrounded by 'strong' women. Something about that bothered me.

What woman isn't strong? Our very nature requires us to be 'strong'. We have monthly menstration, we bear children (fellas, let me tell you--it ain't easy), we were designed to marry and rear children (neither of which are for the faint of heart). Schiffer's comment seemed to imply that being married to 'strong' women set them apart from other men. Not so.

Yes, some women are soft-spoken. Some are laid-back, easy going. Not all women participate in athletics. But all of us were born with the capacity to be 'strong' women, but not necessarily in the way Bob Schiffer meant when he posed his question.

A good, strong woman stands behind her husband through thick and thin. While this often means the woman forfeits her own career, pasttimes, even meals for her family's sake, she is a strong woman. A woman doesn't have to be the heiress to a ketchup factory or a president's wife to be strong. Strong women abound in all walks of life.

Reprint of Previous Post

The election was close. Too close. Everyone Breathe a Big Sigh of Relief.

For some reason my posts keep getting chopped up when I post them....

Keep checking the site for updates....Thank you for your patience.

Monday, November 08, 2004

Everyone Breathe a Big Sigh of Relief

The election was close. Too close. Arlen Specter is trying to bully President Bush into nominating only pro-choice judges. Thus, we must stop Specter.

Selfish Women Make Bad Mommies

I'm so sick of people treating children like pets or new toys. So sick of it. Women who choose to focus on their career before having children or even getting married have the option to do so. But I find it incredibly selfish for these women to wait until their golden years to decide to get pregnant.

An unmarried Manhattan woman has decided to impregnate herself via in vitro fertilization and is now about to deliver twins. The problem? She's 57 years old. That means she thinks she can be a good mom in her 70s. This is ridiculous. Not to mention that this unmarried woman got pregnant from an ex-boyfriend's sperm.

These poor children will have no daddy, but thank goodness Mommy/Grandma is retired now!

Why did this woman wait until her Golden Years to start a 'family'? She says she has wanted a child all her life - but that "she was always too busy with her career and traveling to slow down for motherhood."

This woman needs to give these children up for adoption so that they have a chance in a loving family environment. They deserve better than this selfish woman for a mother.

Thursday, November 04, 2004

Quote of the Week

George W. Bush needs just one Electoral College vote to get him over the top. I'm going to take this as a done deal, and start gloating. Now, gloating is of course bad -- coarse, heartless, insensitive, and ill-mannered. Magnanimity in victory, that's the thing. Humility, grace, gentlemanly forbearance, there but for the grace of God... YEEEEEEEE-HAAAAAAAAA!"

--John Derbyshire

Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Election Wrap Up: The Results are In, Folks

Congratulations, George W. Bush, on your second term as President of the United States!

Congratulations, Mitch Daniels, in overthrowing Kernan as Governor of Indiana.

To the both of you: May you use your four years wisely and begin to practice fiscal conservatism. Don't know what that is? Here's the simple formula:

cut taxes + cut spending = economic gains

I'm thrilled with all the gains the Republicans have made in the House and Senate nationwide. We need that type of majority in Congress. I'm especially pleased that Thune took Daschle's place as Senator from South Dakota. How cool. And how blessed that eleven states overwhelming voted to make marriage between a man and a woman only by amending their state constitutions. That is great news.

On the downside, my county (Monroe County of Indiana) went for Kerry and the local Democrats won almost every race here. What a shame. So while things might look up on a national level, locally I can expect more handouts for Planned Parenthood, slowed business growth and more laws, laws and more laws.

Note: It looks like congrats are also in order to Mike Sodrel, the Republican challenger to local Democrat Congressman Baron Hill, for whom I cannot find anything nice to say. Way to go Sodrel! Scott Tibbs, though, shares how the Hill supporters spit and shoved Sodrel supporters at the only debate Hill would agree to. And Hill's apology for his supporters is where? Sadly, no apology has been made.

Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Ann Coulter on John Kerry:

"Kerry's supporters are reaching out to blacks by demanding that black cabdrivers in New York City who support Bush be fined and suspended. When taxi driver Etzer Jerome told his sensitive Upper West Side passenger he had voted for Bush, she demanded that he pull over and let her out, yelling at him: 'How can a black man vote for Bush?' and 'I'm going to f--- you!' She then filed acomplaint against Jerome with the Taxi and Limousine Commission alleging that Jerome had 'verbally harassed her.' He was fined $500 and given a three-week suspension. On the bright side, the Democrats offer black voters loads and loads of meaningless abstractions that will have absolutely no effect on their lives. 'Jobs,' for example. (Just not any of the important jobs in a Kerry administration.) Democrats' extravagant claims about creating 'jobs' are as credible as their claims that they will allow the wheelchair-bound to walk. Among the jobs that are currently not available to Americans are these being performed in China under a free-trade bill voted for by John Kerry. (New campaign slogan: 'John Kerry: Betraying America Since1971.')"

Vote Responsibly

Last night I began to feel the gravity of this election with full intensity. If Bush is elected, there is a chance that Roe v. Wade will finally be overturned. If Kerry is elected, it is likely that many more unborn babies will come to their doom. There might be several opportunities for the next president to appoint new Supreme Court justices (Even now, Chief Justice Rehnquist is chronicly ill). A Kerry presidency would also mean more terrorist attacks (on our own soil), that Iraq will be the next Vietnam, that bin Laden will go free, that the U.N. will be given more power over our nation, that taxes will jump, homosexuality will flourish and encroach our nation's marital institutions, guns will become harder to own, healthcare will be socialist, etc, etc.

The only two benefits of a Kerry presidency that I can think of are gridlock between the White House and Congress and that Hillary will have to put off her dreams of the presidency until 2012.

Locally, there is also so much at stake. Please vote if you do so responsibly. Voting is not, as Thomas Sowell recently said, a matter of personal expression. Rather it is a serious duty with serious consequences.

George W, 4 more years!!!