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"The ways of the Lord are right; the righteous walk in them, but the rebellious stumble in them." Hosea 14:9b

Thursday, February 17, 2005

Treat Feminists Like the Men They Want to Be

Wow. A must-read article by Phyllis Schlafly regarding the feminazis' successful assault on Harvard President Lawrence Summers.


Summers said that he had tried gender-neutral upbringing on his little daughter by giving her toy trucks to play with. She immediately pretended they were dolls and named them "daddy truck" and "baby truck."
Summers wasn't proclaiming a new scientific discovery. Sex differences from the cradle are known to every parent and were explained to the public in delightful detail in John Stossel's famous ABC documentary called "Boys and Girls Are Different." But a lot of feminists are still in the dark on this matter because they don't have any children or at least don't have both sons and daughters.
Then Summers suggested that some studies be undertaken to see whether there are any innate gender differences that might explain why fewer women than men have succeeded in science and math careers in academia.
That was the torch that ignited an international media firestorm. Abandoning all dignity, Massachusetts Institute of Technology professor Nancy Hopkins slammed down her laptop and stormed out of the room because, she said, "I would've either blacked out or thrown up." Her stereotypical behavior confirmed speculation that women might be unable to face scientific issues scientifically.

Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Check out the Patriot Post Blog

I don't know how long the Federalist Patriot Blog has been up and running, but I encourage you to check it out. I've long enjoyed reading Federalist commentary (when I have the time) and this blog gives its readers the chance to comment back. Most of my comments would not be dissents, but hearty "Amens," so be sure to mark this blog in your favorites.

Update on Virginia's Proposed Dress Code Law

The bill is dead. Read the reasoning and some interesting commentary about it.

Thursday, February 10, 2005

Quote of the Week:

A Republican president sits in the White House. The GOP enjoys clear majorities in both houses of Congress. If now isn't the time to control federal spending, when will it be?"

--John Fund

It Takes a Law for some to Dress Decent.

Scott Tibbs has a good post about laws regarding public decency. I think I agree with him on this. I'm not usually one for adding more laws, but Tibbs is right. Public indecency has gotten out of hand.

Research Your Social Security Options

The recently wed Jim Banks left a link to a site dedicated to informing the public about Social Security choice. Thus the name, Social Security Choice. Check it out.

Yet here's the social security option I favor:

"Social Security should be phased out and ended altogether. ... Social Security in any form is morally irredeemable. We should be debating, not how to save Social Security, but how to end it -- how to phase it out so as to best protect both the rights of those who have paid into it,and those who are forced to pay for it today. This will be a painful task. But it will make possible a world in which Americans enjoy far greater freedom to secure their own futures."

--Alex Epstein

Goodbye, Hoosier Parliament

It is with regret that I pull Hoosier Parliament from the list of blogs at the right. Unfortunately, Hoosier Parliament's owner is temporarily unable to post. He will probably be unable to post for several years. I will miss his intriguing posts and especially the accompanying pictures.

Tuesday, February 08, 2005

The Gipper's Wisdom

The Federalist Patriot dedicated their Monday issue to Ronald Reagan, in honor of his birthday. A Reagan quote they included needs repeating, as it rings even more true today:

"The federal government has taken too much tax money from the people, too much authority from the states, and too much liberty with the Constitution." --Ronald Reagan

One wishes our current president shared the same sentiments.

Sunday, February 06, 2005

Don't Be Nice or You'll Get Sued

Scott Tibbs brought a ridiculous piece of news to my attention. According to this article, two girls were required to pay money to a woman who claims she was traumatized by the girls delivering surprise cookies to her doorstop.

We sure are a take-your-neighbor-to-court country, aren't we? I wish people could embrace grace, generosity, forgiveness and goodwill instead. Who wants to fear a lawsuit around every corner? Unfortunately, we have to think twice before doing something nice in these days.

Thursday, February 03, 2005

Al Sharpton, Part II

Okay, I have to add some more commentary on Sharpton's campaign with PETA, as this is just so ridiculous. First, Sharpton and PETA "want the fast food chain to require its chicken suppliers to put in place more humane standards for the 750 million chickens they process for KFC every year in the United States." So they made an eight-minute video to be aired outside of KFC's across the country. Why don't these people target Church's Chicken or Tyson? Treating chickens like the poultry products they are is pretty standard. I don't think any chicken manufacturing company stores chickens in hotel rooms before they chop their heads off. Rather than boycotting chicken, Sharpton and PETA are picking on one major fast food chain in an unfair way to make a save-the-chickens statement.

According to the article, Sharpton and PETA are trying to get KFC to "initiate a process of putting birds to sleep with nitrogen before killing them". Says Sharpton in the video, "If we give our money to KFC, we're paying for a life of misery for some of God's most helpless creatures." If only Sharpton cared so much for the thousands of unborn babies who die in this country every year without painkillers and end their short lives in a horrible state of misery.

More Pestilence for Homosexuals

A new STD strikes the homosexual crowd in New York City. How can people continue to herald this behavior as natural? Besides the obvious inability to self-reproduce, homosexuals are much more prone to disease and also give themselves a much shorter lifespan than heterosexuals when they choose to engage in deviant sodomy.

There is nothing natural or sweet about sodomy and it should be telling to all that these new diseases keep cropping up in and plaguing the gay community.

Sorry to say, but if HIV isn't enough for these people to stop their promiscuity and sodomy, then perhaps a disease in which "permanent damage to the bowels" occurs might be what it takes for homosexuals to stop their behavior and realize it is not the path God wants for them.

Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Get rid of Black Supremacy

I've said it for quite some time, but white-led racism in America is not a problem anymore and hasn't been for many years. Rather, we're seeing a continual barage of anti-white discrimination. When is White History Month and when is the White Entertainment Channel debuting? When are whites given extra points on their college entrance exams? When are whites awarded scholarship money because of their skin color?

However, the black community's leaders continue to cry, "Racism!" at every opportunity. Seems its hard to continually meet a color quota (Ok, in this ad, we've got two white kids, one black, one Hispanic, one Asian, one Pacific Islander...are we set?) and "whiteys" are continually failing the world's colored people in this regard. But like I said, there is rarely blatant anti-black racism in America today and when it does appear is shunned by whites and colored people together. Rather, some of our nation's highest paid performers are colored (I think the word colored is more accurate and polite than either 'black' or 'African American'. But notice, having to complain about something, the black community decried the word 'colored' as racist and thus a polite, almost poetic way of refering to, well, color was banned from our politically correct speech).

Having no legitimate civil rights work, black leaders still hold jobs in which the sole objective is fighting for the advancement of their race in a supposedly discrimantory society. Think of Jackson, Sharpton and Mary Frances Berry (oh wait, Congress finally passed a law that made her leave after she refused to step down after her term expired).

So what's a black leader to do? Fight KFC because they demean chickens. I'm not making this up, folks. Rather than launching into a tirade on the many assanine aspects of this new assault against a major chain, I'll just say this:

"Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton: go get a real job. Racism is over and so is the need for your political presence."

Breaking News: MTV is Smut

I don't understand why it takes a study to state the obvious. Back in the nineties my parents were wise to prohibit my brother and me from watching MTV. I think I'm a much better person for it. Anyone who spends his time watching trash is going to live it out. (And who wants their child to be a sex-crazed, potty-mouth party animal?)

quote from the article:

The PTC found fault with the teen-targeted network based on an examination of 171 hours of programming that aired the week of March 20 last year, during its annual "Spring Break" celebration. The analysis, contained in a report titled "MTV Smut Peddlers," spotted 13 sexual scenes per hour in MTV's reality series, as well as 32 instance of foul language per hour in its music videos.

I think most of TV (if not the programs, then most definitely the commercials) have gone this direction and that's why my family has decided to not watch TV at all. We watch a few clean DVDs from time to time, but that's it. I can honestly say that I've read quite a few books in the past few years as well as learned some new hobbies that sitting in front of the TV would not have let me do.

By the way, I just finished reading A Tale of Two Cities, the classic Charles Dickens novel, and I must say I highly recommend it. Read Proverbs 28 first and the parallels are striking.